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Here is a listing of questions I've been asked and the answers in downloadble format. I've tried to organize them into logical categories.
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Is an Unborn Child Alive?



Bible Questions

Can illegitimate children be saved?

Can satan read our minds?

Election vs. Free Will

If a person commits suicide, do they go to hell?

Is Resurrection for Real?

Is the Bible Logical?

"New Age" Bible Versions: How Dangerous Are They?

What is the ROOT of the Olive Tree in Romans 11?

What is the Unpardonable Sin? Part 1

What is the Unpardonable Sin? Part 2

Who were the Nicolaitans?

Why were we created?




Bible Study

How to Handle Disputed Matters, online version w/ verses

How to Handle Disputed Matters, text version

Guidelines for Interpreting the Bible, online version w/ verses

Guidelines for Interpreting the Bible, text version

Is Meditation Biblical?

Memorizing and Quoting Scripture

Thoughts on Online Bible Study





What is Tithing?



Daily Life

Condemnation Vs Forgiveness

Do you have a "Resolution" Problem?

Does Using Tobacco Send You to HELL?

  Does it matter what you read or watch on TV?

Forgiveness: I have a hard time forgiving. Help!

Handling Conflict, Discouragement, Depression, and Weeping

How can I break the habit of watching TV?

Let Peace Rule

Let the Angel Stir the Waters: YOU Walk in Peace!

Offenses will either kill ya or cure ya

Sowing Discord, Casting Seeds of Strife

Thankfully Agreeing: Cure for Controversy (Romans 14)

The "Charmin Process" Or Don't Use a Jackhammer When a Tissue Will Do!

What about “Get Rich Quick” Schemes or Email Chain Letter Promises?

What can I do about this feeling that I’m not pleasing God?

What is a lustful look?

What if your brother or sister sins against you?

What is Gossip?




Are God's Hands Big Enough?

Does God Care what you want?

How do we REALLY know what God's will is?

Should a Christian "Put Out a Fleece"?




What is Divine Healing?

What Is A "Point Of Contact" And What Does It Have To Do With Healing?

Manifestation of Healing and Hindrances to Healing





What Happens When We Die?

Why would a loving God send anyone to Hell?




Should a Christian put up a Christmas Tree?


Holy Spirit

Studies on the Holy Spirit



Be a Barnabus: Spread Words of Encouragement

Only One Thing is Needed



What are the godly and ungodly uses of the imagination?



Power Wisdom from the Ancient of Days

Which religion is right?

Would you still worship God if you received no reward for it?




Deliverance from the Occult, Part 1

Deliverance from the Occult, Part 2

Should a Christian try to communicate with the dead?

Study on the Bible and the Occult, online version

Study on the Bible and the Occult, text version

Answer Key, Bible and the Occult, text version

new.gif (1548 bytes)What is the problem with Harry Potter?

Which is Better, Prayer or Magik?

Why I am not a witch




Prayers and Scriptures for Comfort in Time of Grief

Prayer for Forgiveness According to Psalm 51

Prayer for Victory Over Addiction



Has prophecy ceased in the Church today?

Is Jesus coming back in the Year 2000 or 2001?

Rapture: what kind of "Trib" are we talking about?

Why is our world becoming darker?




Is Racism Christian?

White Supremist Theology




WOW! Good News!

new.gif (1548 bytes)Do my children have to be christened to be saved?

SUPERSIZE that Grace, will ya?

What Kind of Baptism is Necessary to Enter Heaven?

  What are the "requirements" for Salvation?

What is repentance? Is it enough to say "I'm sorry"?

What is True Salvation? I don't feel saved because of my struggle with sin

Who Am I? A SAINT? Get real!



Spiritual Warfare

Final step of damnation, or first step of salvation????

Spiritual Warfare Topics



How to Minister the Love of Christ to Others

Puffy Knowledge, or whack that man on the head with the Bible just one more time!

How to Witness to Others About Christ When You Are Disabled




A Career vs. Being a Mom

More thoughts on A Career vs. Being a Mom


Must a woman bear children to be saved?

Is it wrong for a woman to wear pants? MUST women always wear dresses?

Should women wear head coverings in church?

Should Women Be Silent In The Church?

The Bible says that we are God’s Sons. What about God’s daughters?

Warrior Women in the Bible, online version

Warrior Women in the Bible, text version


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