Welcome to our Bible Study Chat!

Note: We are very concerned that doctrine taught in this room be Biblical and sound. Therefore the room will only be opened for study ONLY at scheduled times with ChurchUSA approved teachers.

Current Study Schedule:

Thursdays 8-10 PM Eastern Time

Saturdays 11-12 PM Eastern Time

We will be adding more studies and times soon!

Please respect the following guidelines in Bible Study Chat :

 Chat is great and we all love it, but in Bible Study we want to focus on studying God's Word. Please  keep comments on the topic at hand.

 We are non-denominational and are seeking unity and oneness in the Body of Christ. Therefore NO Christian denomination will be put down, and a variety of opinions will be expressed.

 Please respect that this chat room is dedicated to Jesus and is to be treated as any other church - no profanity, obscenity or pornography, please. We reserve the right to "boot" anyone who does not comply.

Please show the same respect for our leaders as you would other pastors, teachers or professors. Disrespect and interruptions will not be tolerated.

 Karleen Page/OldTimer is Lead Bible Teacher and Coordinator for Churchusa, but not the final authority - God's Word ALWAYS is. Jim/OlePappy, her husband, is Lead Message Board Coordinator and Associate Leader for ChurchUSA, and assists OldTimer during class. TheTenderWarrior (TTW) is the teacher and Guitarman524 is the assistant for the Saturday night class.

Note from OldTimer:  I post the verses and add comments. Feel free to add a comment or ask a question anytime ON TOPIC. Please reserve comments/questions OFF TOPIC until after the study, which lasts approximately 2 hours. OlePappy is my partner and takes care of emergencies, so let him know if you are having an urgent problem. Please refrain from "pm"ing either of us during study, as it is distracting. Thank you.
Comments from Thoughts on Online Bible Study and Controversy: A study is NOT a debate or an argument, a quarrel or a controversy. A study is led by a teacher who has prepared by study, prayer and seeking the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit for understanding. A teacher has an authority role in the study in that he/she is to be respected, listened to and allowed to present the Word of truth in an orderly fashion, without interruption or heckling. A student is someone who prepares themselves to learn through prayer, attention, respect and quiet listening (or in our case looking). The function of a student is to learn, not to debate or contend with his/her teacher. That is not to say that a student cannot disagree. Indeed our motto is: TEST ALL THINGS BY THE WORD. But disagreements should be handled in a non-confrontational manner as we agree to disagree agreeably! 

I agree to abide by the rules above