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"For God so loved ..."
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John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

This is what I call a "nutshell" scripture ... it is really a summary of what the Bible is about.... So let's just look at it for a minute. Any of your thoughts are welcome also. First of all it says "For GOD". The Bible tells us who God is and what He's like. First we are told Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth". Now the Bible doesn't try to PROVE that God exists, it takes for granted God exists. Some people spend all their lives searching to prove that God exists, and they miss out on knowing God.

rfe - only a fool believes in his heart there is no God
CaptainJulie - Creation proves there is a Master Creator

But the Bible just states that God was in the beginning. And we are told also that "He who comes to God must believe that He is [or that He exists], and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." (Hebrews 11:6) Most people believe in some kind of god.... But are confused exactly what to believe about God. The Bible states that God is love. And we'll talk in a minute about how God shows His love. What do you believe about God?

prodigal son - He has told you O man what is good. And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.
trouble - god is too big too figure, but Jesus is cool
Hope - That He is Alpha and Omega. Always was, always will be
SealedNHim - His love knows no limits.
CaptainJulie - All merciful

Some people see Him as a grouchy old man with a BIG flyswatter waiting for a chance to take a whack at them! But the Bible reveals that God is love ... that He is a caring creator ... that He is concerned with everything that touches our lives. The verse goes on to say "For God so LOVED"... How does God show His love? Does He just sit up in Heaven and go, "I love you" and that's it?

Hope - Sometime that's hard to believe especially when He has told you something is going to be alright and then it just seems to get worse.

Good point Hope, it's easy to believe in God's love when things are going well, but what about when everything seems to go wrong? When you are sick and discouraged? When you need $$$ and can't seem to get it? When you feel weak and afraid? Does God still love you then?

SealedNHim - He's provided everything we'll ever need.
1023 - That's when faith is needed most to believe even when you don't see the evidence
CaptainJulie - Sometimes, He lets things get worse, so that we will learn to lean on Him more. That is love.
Rosey - I know that God loves me, He saved not only my soul but my life
Jackie - Faith is things that is hoped for

Now what does the Bible say about how God has shown His love for us? First of all, He created us and has made all things good. Of course we know that the first man and woman sinned and messed all that up, don't we? But God intended to make all things good so we could be happy.

Hope - That He gave His Son for us
CaptainJulie - In while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
†Rightway - while I was yet a sinner Christ died for. He is worthy to be praised..Hallelujah!

Right! The Bible says that God demonstrated or showed His love for us in that while we were still sinning, didn't know we needed it, and really didn't want it, God sent Jesus to die for us. To bring all of creation back to the state of goodness that He first made. Then the verse goes on to say "For God so loved the WORLD..." What do you think is included in "world"?

CaptainJulie - All mankind.
prodigal son - His creation.

Right Julie ... everybody! God loves everybody ... no matter how sinful you feel, not matter how much of a failure, no matter how ugly you think you are, how poor, or how rich, or whatever, the Bible says GOD LOVES YOU! PS, that's right also, God's love not only extends to mankind but His whole creation.

Then the verse states: "For God so loved the world that HE GAVE ...." Love is an action word ... it means that because you care for someone you are going to do something good for them. Many times in the world people will say "I love you" and then use you or abuse you or stab you in the back ... or be unfaithful or cruel or rude ... that is not what God means when He says "I love you". What is the love of God like?

Hope - God's LOVE is unconditional
CaptainJulie - He loves me even when I am unlovable.
Rosey - Like his arms around you when your alone
prodigal son - I don't think I could really understand his love.

That's right Hope! God doesn't say I'll love you IF you do this or that ... or WHEN you straighten up ... or IF ONLY you'd stop doing that sin... He loves you as you are. And God's love causes Him to want to GIVE to us ...

Hope - PS Do you have children???
prodigal son - I have two wonderful kids. I love them unconditionally.
Hope - PS......Then you understand God's LOVE. You love your kids no matter what. God Loves us the same way.
1023 - God's love is Fatherly, gift giving and chastising
Athie - His love is everlasting
SealedNHim - Nothing can separate us from His love- even when we reject Him, He still loves us.

The sad thing is though, PS and Hope, if a person did not experience the unconditional love of a father, it makes it SO hard to understand how God can love them. God's love is also greater than human love because of the quantity of it ... it will never run out... it is everlasting. It is also greater than human love because of the quality of it ... it is unconditional, unselfish, sacrificial --- willing to make sacrifices to help the one loved. God's love is also greater than human love because of the extent of it ... it reaches to all people everywhere.

Since God loves us so much, He could not let things go on as they had been ... man being lost because of sin ... so because of God's love He GAVE .... what did He give?

Hope - His ONLY begotten SON.....The ultimate Gift
CaptainJulie - freedom from the penalty of my sin through His Son's blood.
Jackie - His only begotten Son

Right ... now in a sense we are God's children because He created us. And in another sense when we become born again, we are adopted into His family as sons. But Jesus was the Only Begotten Son, the one and only Son of God that was actually born without sin. Now Adam was called the son of God, but he wasn't born, he was created. But Jesus is the only Son of God born without sin. Why did He have to be born without sin?

Hope - So He could be the sacrifice for a lost world
prodigal son - Hope I just believe that the love of God goes beyond what we can understand.
SealedNHim - The lamb has to be without spot or blemish to be an acceptable sacrifice.
OlePappy - so he would be able to take on OUR sin
CaptainJulie - He couldn't pay the penalty for my sin, if He had sin of His own to cover.

Right, Jesus was the sacrificial offering for our sin ... and He had to be born without sin .. now HOW was He born without sin?

Hope - Through a virgin birth.

Right through being born of a virgin, He was born without sin. So the verse reads ""For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him....." What does believing in Jesus mean to you?

CaptainJulie - Accepting Him as the only perfect sacrifice. Placing all your trust in Him to save you once and for all.
trouble - means hope
1023 - believing that He IS the Son of God
Athie - Having faith to believe He is who He says He is
1023 - The Promised One

Yes trouble, hope for the future! Good points ... is believing just agreeing with it in your mind?

Jackie - knowing in your heart that HIS real & one day being with HIM
CaptainJulie - No. I agreed for years, but didn't believe it in my heart.

All Good points ... believing is an action verb that implies you trust and have confidence in something or someone ... in this case Jesus... and then do something about it. So what does believing in Jesus cause you to do differently than before you believed in Him?

trouble - have a conscience of good and nope

Yeah trouble, it activates your conscience doesn't it? What else does believing in Jesus cause you to do?

CaptainJulie - I want to live to please Him.
trouble - yep, something that is enjoyable...........hehe
EagleWings - Ask for forgiveness of sins
CaptainJulie - Share what He's done with others.
prodigal son - It makes you accountable for your actions
Beam - OldTimer, it causes you to treat others as you want to be treated.
1023 - repent ...
EagleWings - Love everyone, which is not an easy thing to do

The Bible very clearly says that it is faith in Jesus that saves us, not our good works. But the more we know Him the more we want to please Him and obey His Word, right? Very good answers! and as trouble says, since knowing Jesus makes us conscious of doing wrong, then we are urged to ask forgiveness and stay on the right path.

trouble - sometimes though we don't want to right because it is too scary
Jackie - u have a small voice that guides u through this world

How is it scary trouble?

Athie - We want to be more and more like Him
EagleWings - Very, very true trouble
trouble - it is change for one...and not safe

Yes Jackie that's also called the "inner witness" of the Holy Spirit ... that tells us we are children of God ... that still, small voice that guides us in the right way.

Beam - doing the right thing Trouble is not always easy but it brings Peace which is priceless.
CaptainJulie - the fear of man.....what will others say......can be scary
Rosey - Sometimes it's not easy
EagleWings - And you risk going against the crowd, the world basically, to stand up for what you believe
trouble - but sometimes doesn't seem like peace seem like troubles

Change is scary ... that's true ... but knowing that Jesus is there to back you up helps a lot. But, especially at first, we take baby steps ... it doesn't happen overnight ... growth takes time.

Fisherman - Isn't Jesus wonderful? We've got the power in the name of Jesus! When Satan reminds me of my past...I remind him of his future!
Beam - I know Trouble. Paul encountered all sorts of problems but yet said, I press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ. When we know our future that is with Jesus, we can overcome all obstacles.
EagleWings - It reminds me of those versus in Hebrews about fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith...

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that WHOEVER believes in him shall not perish..." What does WHOEVER mean? Who can come to Jesus? Just any body? Will Jesus accept just anybody who believes in Him?

1023 - to me it means ... someone must make a choice
Jackie - anyone whether you're poor ,rich or in between
trouble - yep OT I thinks so
Fisherman - There is only one choice and he is Jesus!

What about if they are a drunk or a drug addict? What if they are dirt poor or deep in debt? What if they are a big time sinner? Does WHOEVER include them too?

Rosey - no matter what you've done in the past
Jackie - yes
EagleWings - yep
Athie - Who-so-ever will come
Beam - John 3: l6 says God so loved the world He Gave. And that is what the Christian life is all about "Giving" Especially of ourselves.

YES!!! WHOEVER means anybody who will believe in Jesus will be accepted ... no matter what condition they are in.

CaptainJulie - Absolutely!
1023 - Yes!
Fisherman - Jesus says : I am the way.. the truth and the life. No man comes unto the father except by me!
EagleWings - Man, how can Jesus love us? It is so amazing!
Jackie - Amen
prodigal son - If it does not include everyone boy am I in trouble!

Do you have to "straighten up" your life before you accept Jesus? Do you have to get a haircut or take a bath? Do you have to start going to church and quit cussing?

Broken - Jesus loves us because He cannot do otherwise.
Fisherman - The Devils in hell all know and tremble at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ!
Jackie - No come as u are
EagleWings - 1 John 1:9
1023 - No
Beam - Oh but prodigal son, it sure does include you. It is for whosoever may come.
prodigal son - Do you have to clean up to take a bath?
Broken - No, OldTimer, .IF you could do it yourself first, then Jesus would not have died on the cross for you
Broken - It is because we can't do it ourselves, that He did it for us

NO!!! "Come as you are" Jesus says! You can never be "good enough" without Him, so come as you are and He WILL receive you! Good point PS!!!! And what a bath Jesus gives us when we believe in Him because He washes us INSIDE out!!!

1023 - I can testify to that one
trouble - and you don't need fancy clothes after and don't need the church stuff, right?
Fisherman - We are saved through no act of our own... but through the precious blood of Jesus Christ!

You don't need fancy clothes trouble, and the "church stuff" you DO need is simply the love and fellowship, prayers and support of other believers, hey LIKE HERE! So what if you stumble around after you believe in Jesus? Are you OUT then?

Beam - This is one bath we can not give ourselves. Jesus has to do it.
prodigal son - That is right Beam. I've done some horrible things but God loves me. No matter what
1023 - No your not out
Broken - No. I have committed some terrible sins since I came to the Lord, but He still forgives and restores
Beam - No OldTimer, Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, ever living to make intercession for us when we fail.
Jackie - No
CaptainJulie - No way, OT. Christ's salvation is forever.
Broken - Jesus can no more reject those he calls His own when they stumble, than a loving father can reject his toddler for scribbling on a wall

NO, Jesus has said "NEVER will I leave you, NEVER will I forsake you". When we stumble around, even if we do bad things, IF we will come and tell Jesus and ask forgiveness, He picks us up, kisses our hurts, and cleans us up and sends us on our way again.

1023 - Jesus's love and salvation is simple ... sometimes people make it harder than it really is
Beam - Very well put, Old Timer…Beautiful.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not PERISH...." What does not perish mean?

EagleWings - [not to] Live with God forever
trouble - die
1023 - losing everlasting life with Jesus
Broken - We make it harder because in our pride, we still want to take some of the credit for it. So we think we need to do something to help God along
Broken - Dressing the right way or saying just the right things or keeping our own set of rules

Well without Jesus we not only have a hard life here, cuz the devil sees to that, but we're going to a bad, bad place ... BUT if we believe in Jesus and trust in Him, we will NOT go there!

Fisherman - The blood of Jesus Christ His son, Cleanses us from all sins...Isn't that wonderful?
Broken - We constantly want to hang on to things that Jesus has already bought with His blood Broken - Take my word for it. The more you let Jesus control in your life, the easier it is and the more liberated you feel
Fisherman - Isn't Jesus wonderful?
Beam - Yes Broken, and these things become thorns in our flesh.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." What is this eternal life stuff all about? What does that mean?

Jackie - forever & ever
Hope - A life in the hereafter with Our Blessed Savior
Rosey - PEACE
Beam - OT, it means FREE from sin, sickness and death..Forever more with our Lord.

When does this eternal life start?

Broken - The moment are reconciled to the Father through His Son
1023 - eternal life is continued existence either in Heaven with Jesus or in Hell
trouble - when you die
Fisherman - As soon as the breath leaves our fleshly bodies...Then we Like butterflies become something very beautiful!

When we believe in Jesus, receive Him in our hearts as savior, are "born again" as it is called, then is when our eternal life starts! And it keeps on going after physical death .... forever in Jesus!

Broken - Hell is eternal Death, because it is complete, total and irrevocable separation from God, the source of All Life
Fisherman - We have new incorruptible spiritual supernatural bodies!
Beam - Fisherman, and this will happen in the twinkling of an eye

That's why the Bible says we are ALIVE in Christ! We are ALIVE now ... and always will be... the life of God is working in us even now.

Fisherman - To never know sickness, pain or death no more!
Saruman of Many Colors - working to transform us into the fullness of Christ.

Now it is true when Jesus comes again we will get a new body that lives forever. But from the moment you receive Jesus , inside, in your spirit, you are made alive and that part never dies.

Broken - I just want to be able to look Jesus in the eye and say "Thank you" & "I love you"
Beam - yes, OT and we are without excuse. With the power of the living God working in us, we should be over comers in every area.

So all of you who have accepted Jesus have HIS LIFE inside of you ... even if your body lags behind, you are still ALIVE in Christ!

Fisherman - You become a new creature in Jesus Christ OldTimer!
trouble - then what part feels like dead.....the part that shouldn't be there?
1023 - He who began a good work in you is able to complete it...
Beam - To deny self, is to accept Gods will in every matter.

Trouble when we accept Jesus our spirit inside is made alive. But for now, we have the same old body (or sin nature/flesh) and mind that we had before. Those are the dead parts of us that Jesus helps us get rid of as we trust Him. For example, old thought patterns of doubt and fear are still there. As we learn to trust Jesus, our faith grows and they go.

trouble - ah and that is the hard part.......change

Yes trouble ... hard when WE try to do it ... much easier if we just let Him do it. Of course trouble, letting Him do it means letting go and trusting ... and that is hard.

Broken - It is for me to decrease, so Jesus can increase. It is not my love but His that works
trouble - that is the process you talked about though right?
Fisherman - We must crucify the flesh daily that Jesus may live stronger in us!
1023 - trouble .. don't think change is going happen all at once it's a process
trouble - kind of hard to let someone you don't see do something for well, know he is there but it still hard to understand

Yep a process ... a growing process ... more love, more trust, more freedom from all those dead things in our life. Trouble that's what the Bible means by dying to yourself ... giving up those earthly things you've trusted in so long... and placing your hope in heavenly things.

Fisherman - Paul said He died daily!
Beam - This is right Broken. we are not capable of Agape love unless we know and have the author of this love living in us. Our earthly love is conditional.
Broken - Very hard, since He will often take from us that which we think we most need
Hope - Very true OT especially when you know what He told you would be BUT you don't see anything happening.
Beam - I know Broken, but the Word says to trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding.
CaptainJulie - True, Broken. But He knows best what we truly need.

Hope that's a good point ... how do you know Jesus is working in you if you don't see anything happening? By faith ... we start in faith ... grow by faith ... and will end by faith ... not what we see or feel.

Beam - Hope, waiting on God is not easy, but patience is the time between when you ask Him for something and the manifestation of it. We must let patience had her perfect work that we may be entire wanting nothing.
OlePappy - put you eyes always on Jesus!
Broken - Exactly. Since our understanding is tainted by thoughts of self
Fisherman - If we lean to our own understanding, it leads to a fall. Because without Jesus we can do nothing!
trouble - but I need my eyes in my head to see..............yike

Well trouble you have SPIRITUAL eyes as well as physical eyes ... and learning about Jesus trains us to SEE Him with the spirit.

Broken - Sometimes patience is realizing that there are some things that you will simply not overcome until Jesus returns
OlePappy - life without Jesus isn't
1023 - God has a LOT OF LOVE for the world is a big place(to our eyes) and there have been billions of people since Adam
Broken - And other times, it is holding on until you realize that what you were so worried about is already a memory
Beam - Hope, discouragement comes to all of us. And we wonder WHERE ARE YOU GOD?
CaptainJulie - Being tempted isn't failure… Jesus was tempted, but He resisted Satan's attacks.
Broken - Being tempted is not failing. Entertaining and following temptation is, BUT Jesus never said we would not be tempted, but He did promise we would not be tempted beyond our ability to trust Him to deliver us

Well for all of US who have sinned and failed God even AFTER we have been saved, think about 1 John 1:9 "IF we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

OlePappy - Jesus future, no Jesus no future!
3dzSweets - Amen to all. temptation is normal to all men. Paul said so.

This verse is actually written like this in the original "If we keep on confessing our sin, He will keep on forgiving our sin, and keep on cleaning us up inside" (OT version) ... Do we ever run out of forgiveness? No Jesus' forgiveness never stops ... and even us oldy moldy ones need it lots!

CaptainJulie - Never, OT!
Hope - Truth for sure OT...
Beam - God doesn't have a big stick just waiting for us to mess up. Just as we are patient with our children, he guides us gently through each phase of our walk with Him
Broken - Hope, what if you don't hear God right about something? I mean, what happens if you "miss God"? But what I mean is SO WHAT. It is wonderful to try to do God's will, but no one but Jesus has ever heard God all the time.

If you don't hear God right , He'll keep talking until you do! It takes practice to learn to hear God's voice ... and to distinguish it from the other voices yelling at us: the world, the flesh, the devil, our own mind and thoughts.

CaptainJulie - Our "stumbles" are how we learn, just as a child falls learning to walk.
trouble - but you have to always keep asking right for all the wrong?

Trouble when you receive Jesus all your past sin is done away with ... God forgives and forgets. But as you walk with Him, if you do sin, just tell Him you're sorry and He'll keep on forgiving.

1023 - Remember Satan is a liar, the father of lies, he would allow you to feel, think, do anything to block your blessing
Broken - Think of a child learning to walk or talk. Her parents just encourage her every time she slips or makes a mistake, they don't berate her.
Hope - Would the devil bring a sweet peace and feeling to you when he is talking to you OT?

Well Hope not usually! But the real test - is what you think you are hearing line up with the Word?

Broken - God's capacity to love us, to look at us, smile and say 'You're doing great, I am so happy with you" far exceeds what we can imagine
Beam - Captain J. most of my valuable lessons came when I had to pick myself up. But Jesus was there to help me.
Saruman of Many Colors - indeed Jesus Christ is in love with us, to the point He left everything and gave everything, even His life.
CaptainJulie - We can't live by feelings; we have to live by the Word of God.
1023 - No, no ,no I'm talking about doubt, doubting that we hear from God, or that God's word is true
Hope - True CJ but I wouldn't have something I couldn't feel
Broken - I agree. We focus too much on what makes people feel good about themselves, and not about what Jesus is calling us to do and become
CaptainJulie - Mine, too, Beam. Those are lessons I'll never unlearn
Broken - Remember, Jesus will not quench the smoking ember, or break the bruised reed
trouble - you mean all the wrong before Jesus came in you don't have to say sorry for? when you ask Jesus in?

Right trouble ... the slate's wiped clean so to speak! All gone ...

Broken - Yet, at each new mountaintop we reach, we realize we have an even higher one to reach next
1023 - Isn't it wonderful that all our sins are gone..

Gone, gone, gone, gone, YES my sins are gone, Jesus set me free and in my heart's a song, Buried in the deepest sea, YES that's good enough for me, I shall live eternally, Praise God my sins are gone!

Phoenix - Praise God!! Our Father through His Son has freed us!! I'm free! Amen!

Ok trouble had a ? about these verses... that I post on all my emails ... so let's talk about it for a minute.

Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 14:27,16:33)

Now the peace that Jesus gives is an awesome peace ... it's peace with God first of all. Because of Jesus death, we are no longer "at war" with God, He is our father, we are His dear children and we have nothing to fear from Him.

Phoenix - yes, and sin will NEVER give us that peace that God offers

We are also in peace in that we are freed from fear ... fear of the future, fear of death, fear of the unknown. We are also at peace in our hearts because we are free from anxiety. If God be for us (and He IS) who can be against us?

Broken - Like Jesus sleeping in the boat during a storm

And what does the world say peace is? Well being free from war is not peace, because you are always afraid war will break out again. Being free from debt is not peace, because you are always fearful that the $$$ will run out ... the world can't give you peace!

trouble - .so different kind of peace?
Broken - The world thinks peace is the absence of conflict. Yet that verse promises us we will have conflict
Phoenix - Amen, OT!
trouble - yeah that is it Broken that is what I thought.......yike dummy eh
Broken - So the peace of God is the unfailing assurance that He is in control, and that nothing will happen that is not appointed by Him

Peace is that calm assurance that God will never leave us or forsake us. Peace is freedom from fear and anxiety. Peace is a quiet joy in the midst of trouble.

Broken - And even if it looks bad to our own natural eyes, the truth is that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him
Phoenix - wow, broken...u summed it up! sometimes I forget 2 just let go and let God and He will give us peace

In this world we WILL have trouble? Why? Because we have an enemy that prowls about like a roaring lion... but we can have peace because HE that is within us is greater than the devil ... and has already promised us the victory no matter what happens around us. Does that make sense now trouble?

Broken - Everyone forgets that from time to time.
Hope - AMEN
trouble - you know that makes no sense though.........if there is trouble there cant be peace ....fighting and stuff not peace? There is no victory in fighting?
Broken - But even before that (or after or during hehe) we can create plenty of our own trouble without the Devil's help

Peace inside, trouble ... calmness in your heart... knowing that Jesus loves you no matter what happens outside. And as that peace grows, it will come to pass on the outside as well trouble ...

Broken - Remember Jesus said he does not give us peace as the world gives
trouble - that I understand...........I think
Broken - In the world, wars end for a while, but never really stop. And one side's "peace" is another's oppression.  The peace of God is the assurance that we are at peace, resting in Him, even if the whole world is aflame around us
trouble - it doesn't matter if person getting hurt or whatever right.......Jesus still stays ....guess that is all that really matters for
Broken - My wife recently left me, promising to divorce me. But I am at peace in the knowledge that God hates divorce, and can change her heart

Well it does matter if someone is getting hurt ... trouble ... but the important thing is that Jesus ain't going nowhere no how ... He is staying in the midst of the trouble, and will take you through it.

Broken - I can't understand it, and sometimes I struggle, but when I focus on Jesus, I feel at peace with the whole situation
trouble - what if he doesn't Broken? you still going to believe?
Broken - But, I have to die to myself and my desire to do things my way, before I can make room for the peace that Jesus offers
Mixed-Uo - Peace of mind, what is that,,?????
trouble - ah ha peace of mind is Jesus lovin ya anyway when no one else cares ha cept these churchusa folks.........heehe

Well mixed up when you don't have peace, your mind is going every which way, worrying and stressing out right? When Jesus comes into your life, He settles and focuses your mind, filling you with love and peace - not only absence of stress and worry and fear - but a calm assurance that He is there and will take you through the storms of life.

Broken - Whether He does or not is really not the issue. It is not about me, or my wife or our marriage. It is all about Jesus. He is the focus of all creation, and therefore we are fulfilled only in Him
Phoenix - that means that you aren't stressed or troubled...basically
Broken - But it is not denial, like some people think or even try to assume is peace. It is being completely aware of how big a problem is: and realizing God is much, much bigger

Good point Broken ... it helps you focus on your God not your troubles.... Magnifies God in our lives not the problems.

Broken - You can't help but take your eyes of Jesus now and then-we are all just clay anyway. But, you learn to let that happen less and less, and pretty soon you find out the view from the cross is pretty spectacular

The important thing is to get our eyes back ON Jesus ASAP!

Jesus plant the Word deep into our hearts tonight. Thank you for peace and understanding. Be with us all til we meet again. Thank you Jesus. AMEN

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