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The Citadel of My Unbelief
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Tentatively I creep along the

Walls of my citadel of unbelief,

Seeking where faith can

Thrust through a ray of hope.

Fear guards the gate and

Despair patrols the walls.

I am too weak to assail these,

Too timid to ram the door.

I am prisoner in this

Castle of my own making.

Health and life shimmer just

Past the moat of despond. I

Ache for the sunshine that

Will dispel this darkness.

The dust of depression fogs

My vision, yet I know

He is there on the horizon,

My champion, clad in

Armor of light on a

Mighty steed, waiting for me

To pronounce the word of my release:

"I believe, Lord, help my unbelief!"

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- Karleen E. Wickham Page 1991-99