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Turning from the Edge
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These wounds in my soul -

Who will heal them?

Who will close the gaping rents,

Who will purge away the pain?

Is there an infirmary for hope?

Is there peace of mind and love?


My thoughts lie too close to

The surface, I cannot insulate

Them from bitterness and hurt

I have no where to hide.

Is there surcease from agony?

Can the cripple move again?


My masks are all awry.

They crack and peel away.

I cannot make them thick

Enough. I am transparent.

Can my thirst be quenched?

Can anyone cherish me?


I have run until I am

Weary. I have fainted. My

Pale lined visage mocks my

Dreams. My joys are lost.

When will you stop laughing?

When can I again exist?


I will step back from the edge.

Darkness shall not suck me up.

I will turn from bitterness.

My soul will yet hope in God.

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- Karleen E. Wickham Page 1991-99