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One Year!
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    A Year in the life of By Faith Not By Sight!

Well, Father, it's been a year now since I took those steps to the altar. Remember how hard the devil tried to keep me from going to the church? I still recall wondering if the roof would fall in! That old serpent was sitting right beside me telling me how all those folks despised me, and how You had no use for me and my unrighteousness. I would love to have seen his jaw hit the floor when the call hit me so strongly that I almost ran up there.LOL He still hasn't gotten over that!

I remember the next week, standing in the hallway, waiting to be baptized. Oh, ABBA! Your spirit was with me, and I felt You so strongly, I thought I was going to actually fly up to You at that moment! The joy of the experience has never left me Father. I was washed clean in the Precious blood of the Lamb!

I still don't understand how I could have resisted You all those years, Lord. But I guess I don't really need to now. Just knowing You is all the education I'll ever need. I never knew what Love was until that day, Father. Thank You so much!

I've had slip ups, ABBA, but You just picked me up, dusted me off, hugged me, and let me know that we all have our bad days. Seems like the closer I get to You, the more temptations pop up to try to lead me back. ( Guess we all know who THAT is). But You were always there waiting for me to catch up. To think, some folks need support groups. I've found the original/greatest support group in the universe! Hallelujah!

I do apologize for offending any of Your children, Father. It's just that, haveing come from the past I lived, it really bothers me to see someone talking bad about You. I realize now that I need to fight on my knees in prayer, and that the battle is YOURS. Thank You, for helping me to control my indignation, my anger, my tongue. After all, the "catch more flies with honey than vinegar" statement was what convinced me to answer the altar call.

As I said before, Dear Heavenly Father, I never knew what love was until I met You. I have never felt so loved. I have never been so in love! Thank You Father for accepting me as Your child. I am looking forward to many more "birthdays", and I will do my best to make You proud of me.

"Order my steps in Your Word, Oh Lord"
Love, By Faith Not By Sight

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