vacpics.jpg (25432 bytes)
Nags Head, NC, June 1998
memomseth.jpg (26561 bytes)
Mom (Athie), Seth (brat, er, son) and Me (OldTimer)
lalasand.jpg (20763 bytes)
Lil Lala (Laura), certified beach bum
lalaseth.jpg (18137 bytes)
Lala and Seffie debating on who's got the coolest hat
preaching.jpg (36375 bytes)
OldTimer finally found a pulpit!
rockin.jpg (22255 bytes)
Rock Me Mighty Sea
shark.jpg (12558 bytes)
OOPS just as we were gonna take a pic of Jim, this shark....
eatin.jpg (19576 bytes)
Ate the photographer! YIKES


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