vacpics.jpg (25432 bytes)
July, 1999 Virginia Beach, VA!
twinsharkattack.jpg (26648 bytes)
Playing Jonah -  OP and OT in Sharks
RunDino.jpg (14757 bytes)
Then we ran into some Dinos....
AllisaurMeal.jpg (15035 bytes)
Why do large animals keep trying to munch on us?
ByKarleen.jpg (13182 bytes)
But we scared the Dino off!
JimTRex.jpg (4458 bytes)
T Rex no match for OP!
MyStarfish.jpg (8234 bytes)
The Starfish couldn't digest me either.
PettingRays.jpg (13360 bytes)
Meanwhile back at the Aquarium, the rays
let us pet them like puppy doggies.
SharkBelly.jpg (13355 bytes)
We didn't try to pet the sharks however
VABeach4.jpg (7769 bytes)
Ah, Farewell dear beach!
lastsharkattack.jpg (25910 bytes)
See ya!


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