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KarleMomBros.jpg (40281 bytes)
Karleen (OldTimer), bro Mike, mom (Athie), bro Rick
JimDerekJamie.jpg (48545 bytes)
Jaime & Derek Page, Jim (OlePappy)
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Sherry, OldTimer, Seth and Laura
JimKarleen.jpg (59977 bytes)
Karleen (OldTimer) & Jim (OlePappy) 11/30/96
Crowd2.jpg (44790 bytes)
Mike and Linda's (Cowgirl's) wedding party
Carol & Rick, Mike & Linda, Jim & Karleen, mom, Linda's family
Linda's neice, Lyndsey, Jessica, Sissy, Craig, Linda's nephew
JimKarleKids.jpg (35714 bytes)
Seth, Laura, Karleen & Jim
Vacation Pics 1998!
Vacation Pics 1999!
Baby Justin 2001!


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