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New Devotionals!

Rejoice with Angels Devotions

Do you have questions about our angelic helpers? Many topics are covered here, a 31 day series (in progress) from The Open Heart's AngelWeb.If you have questions you'd like included, please email me at the_open_heart@yahoo.com with the subject "Angel Question". Thanks!

A Glimpse of Glory   

Have you ever thought what Heaven might be like? What will we do? What will our bodies be like? What will Heaven look like? A Glimpse of Glory is a series of meditations on this very topic.

New Light from Ancient Times

Does the Old Testament seem out of date and dull? Are you out of touch with ancient times and wonder what this has to do with modern life? These are meditations on passages from the Old Testament and their relevance to you and to your today.

A Year of Devotions

Do you need some time everyday with God? Below are a year's worth of devotions by month. You can start at any time and cycle through to the beginning.

  • January - from "Singing Into Battle"
  • February - from "Singing Into Battle"
  • March - from "The Whole Heart"
  • April - from "Growing Time"
  • May - "Growing Time Too"
  • June - "Working Together"
  • July   - "In the Sunshine of God's Love"
  • August - "Worth Dying For: What God Thinks of You"
  • September - "Aflame for God"
  • October - "Set Ablaze for God"
  • November - "Let Us Be Thankful"
  • Christmas - The Nativity
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